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10 | WINTER 2018


Topping up Training

Training can improve business

performance, profit and staff morale

Training and development can be initiated for a variety of reasons

and depend on the needs of the individual.

Reasons for implementing training can include:-

- To “benchmark” the status of improvement.

- As part of an overall professional development program.

- As part of succession planning to help an employee be eligible

for a planned change in role in an organization.

- To ensure employees have all the information needed to fulfil

their role.

Whatever the reason is for training, the BVAA offers a range of

courses to suit different levels from beginners, with little prior

knowledge, up to advanced levels for the seasoned valve expert.

The newest BVAAstaff members (Laura Martin and Ellie Davies),

were recently enrolled onto the ‘

Introduction to Valves’

course as

complete valve novices and became fully up to speed on the five

main types of valve including the advantages, disadvantages

and variations of each.

The training facility at BVAA HQ is spacious and well equipped

to deliver to a large number of attendees, however the training

courses can be delivered in-house to suit the needs of your


Aberdeen Courses

BVAA’s Technical Consultant, Martin Greenhalgh delivering valve training

*A full schedule of courses for 2019

at Banbury HQ can be found on page 5.

Want to find out more?


for more information.

Dr Martin Haigh MBE from Lattitude7 delivering PD training at BVAA HQ