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Presentations Masterclass

Do you have some challenges in any of the following areas?

• Demonstrating confidence whilst presenting to a group
• Handling nerves prior to a presentation
• Fielding questions and dealing with interrogation
• Engaging with an audience
• Turning a 30-word sentence into a concise impact statement
• Breathing life and injecting humour into flat material
• Turning negatives into positives
• Having a positive mind-set and feeling capable of ‘doing something different’
• Fine-tuning elevator pitches in order to engage with ‘the room’

This one-day programme is designed to help you develop the emotional strength and technical skills to enable you to impart appropriate knowledge in a compelling way. The session is highly interactive and you will have lots of opportunity to practise your technique.

This course will take place on Tuesday 26th September at Severn Unival, Brighouse. The price per person is a very competitive £260+VAT.

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