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Department for International Trade Latin America & the Caribbean - Market Update for UK Companies

Current Export Opportunities
The demand is out there. You should be too.

DIT teams in LATAC can help you navigate opportunities to help grow your business internationally. Here are some of the current export opportunities, by sector, in the Latin America & Caribbean market.


Brazil: A health insurance cooperative needs a range of shorts courses to be delivered.

Colombia: A leading exchange programme agency wants a provider of leisure and tourism services for its students when they come to the UK.


Mexico: An industrial and construction solutions company wants to expand its product portfolio.

Colombia: A leading energy company is looking for innovative solutions for energy management.

Food & Drink:

Chile: A food and drink distributor is looking for organic, free-from and non-genetically modified products.


Peru: The Lima 2019 Pan-American Games organising committee has issued tenders for major sports infrastucture projects.

Brazil: A company is looking for software for public street lighting.

Life Sciences and Healthcare:

A company wants plastic and aluminum injection machinery and tools.

Brazil: A textile company is looking for cutting-edge solutions for medican apparel.

Mexico: Mexican company is looking for a supplier of specialised medical devices.


Chile: A company is looking for measuring equipment for survey purposes.

Argentina: The government is looking for suppliers of cyanide-free technology to separate gold from rock.


Peru: Opportunities for UK companies in a variety of sectors at a major sporting event.

Peru: A distributor is looking for a supply of sport equipment.

Right now, there are 1,909 live export opportunities available for UK companies across the globe.


Financing Your Exports: Get to Know How UK Export Finance (UKEF) Can Help Your Business in Latin America

UK Export Finance offers a range of services that can help British companies go abroad and export their products. This webinar outlines the financing capabilities UKEF can offer to SMEs and the requirements for being eligible to work with UKEF. A must-watch if you are a UK company interested in exporting to LATAC but are in need of financial support.

If you are unsure who to speak to or for more general information on the UK'S Department for International Trade in Latin America & The Caribbean, please contact our Operations Manager:

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