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Orbuculums I hear you cry!

No, it’s bust, and as people are living longer, there’s apparently a serious shortage of time-served orbuculum-fixers ‘on the other side.’ We’ve tried the other lot, but the demons are a notoriously difficult lot to negotiate with (except on Halloween), and ‘familiars’ have no opposable thumbs, so there’s long lead time on the repair (and a lot of scrap).

So we’ll have to revert to the old fashioned system where members advise us of their company changes, by phone, or email. Or indeed the bespoke system on that allows members to update the data we hold on them directly themselves – a system designed to ensure it’s always up to date.

Why the sarcasm? Well we do get instances where someone questions why we’re not displaying their latest info – data we’ve not yet been provided with!

Moral of the story… check your data, and do nominate someone in the company to be responsible for keeping it up to date.