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We’re also well aware that a small handful of members are delaying paying their fees due to mythical ‘lost invoices’ or the perennial ‘did you have a PO number?’ or indeed the ‘who signed it off?’ wheeze.

We find it very difficult here at BVAA – a member-led organisation - to believe that any business would get 7 months into a subscription year, and be ‘unaware’ that they owe a sub. Or ignore 7 or more monthly statements, several duplicate invoices, and almost weekly reminders by telephone and email, etc.

As our accountant is fond of saying, ‘You don’t have to be a member of the BVAA, but if you do want to be, you do have pay.’

Errant members/debtors are reported to the BVAA Board at their November meeting, and may well be dismissed if subs are not received.