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Help Wanted!

One of our BVAA members is looking for some assistance in conducting a low temperature test on a 3/2 Direct acting valve product. Criteria as follows:-

‘We are looking for facilities to be able to validate the products at a temperature of -60 deg C.
• The products are physically quite small (less than 100mm x 100mm x 100mm).
• We are looking to run an initial exploratory continuous test over approx. 2 weeks.
• We would want to be able to get power and pneumatic supplies to/from the products, so they can function while they are at this low temperature.
• We would be looking to test approx. 5 units, ideally concurrently, but sequentially would be OK, of there was a space constraint.
If you can assist, then please contact the BVAA directly and we will put you in direct contact with our member.’