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Well, interesting. VERY interesting!

First a Reminder: we re-ran exactly the same questions as we did at last year’s Regional Dinner – and TWICE as many of you responded thank you!

On the key question of whether the UK should be exiting the EU – we got a more polarised opinion than last time. 4% more have moved into Strongly Agree (to exit), conversely 10% more strongly think we should not. A clear overall majority want us to stay however, 41% ‘exit’ v 59% ‘remain.’ Come a second referendum, such a swing nationally could be a game changer.

Still even-stevens on whether is it a great or bad opportunity for UK, and there is still an overall majority of you who don’t think it is a disaster for the UK Engineering sector (but interesting the number who ‘strongly agree’ it is disastrous has moved from 5% to 18%). We also seem to have become accustomed to a divorce settlement (50/50 split now, huge swing to those who ‘tend to agree’), but a massive majority still don’t think the EU is better off without UK.

Full survey results are available on the members area of the BVAA website.

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