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PMFC Ltd (Polymeric Material Failure Consultants)

PMFC Ltd (Polymeric Material Failure Consultants)

Unit 1, The Folly, Folly Island, Hertford, Hertfordshire, SG14 1QD

Tel No: 01992 509470
Fax No:

POLYMERIC MATERIAL FAILURE CONSULTANTS Ltd (PMFC) provides a non-metallic material and component failure analysis service primarily investigating fluid pressure containment issues resulting from functional seal failure.

The company was established in May 2019 following a 37 year career in material and component testing that took me to my role as primary UK contact for non-metallic failure analysis with my previous employer (

My experience is mainly in the Oil & Gas sector where loss of fluid containment resulting from the functional failure of polymeric and elastomeric soft goods presents operational, health and safety and environmental hazards.

Examples of surface and subsea hardware types that I have studied include;
• Valves and actuators (solenoid, butterfly, BV, PRV, PCV, pilot, gate, check)
• Pumps (PCP, metering, ESP, diaphragm, reciprocating)
• Hoses (umbilical’s, choke/kill, control lines, bulk transfer, chemical injection, blasting)
• Heat exchangers
• Filters
• Blow out preventers
• Platform tensioners
• Pipe handlers
• Compressors
• Wireline tools
• Accumulators and pulsation dampeners
• Bend stiffeners
• Liner/casing hangers
• Riser boost lines
• Gaskets
• Bursting discs
• Bridle webbing
• UPS batteries

Expertise used in the safety critical Oil & Gas sector has also been applied in the marine, utilities, pharmaceutical and other fluid handling sectors.

Ten years in a Quality Management role equipped me to build the PMFC Quality Management System (aligned with and currently under assessment for ISO9001:2015 certification). PMFC uses a rigorous documented approach that combines knowledge of material science, engineering hardware and seal function to provide a robust evidence based understanding of material & component failure.

PMFC uses the following combination of activities when undertaking failure investigations;
• Material identification and condition assessment
• Damage documentation and characterisation
• Forensic information gathering
• Evidence based root cause analysis
• Plausible failure hypothesis where evidence is partial

Inhouse facilities are supported by the use of approved subcontractors where necessary.

Service goals
While working closely with clients to leave no stone unturned in the quest to identify causes of failure, PMFC strives to be;
• Responsive
• Reliable
• Confidential
• Communicative
• Honest

I would welcome the opportunity to work with BVAA members to resolve material and component failure issues.

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….……quiet, calm deliberation disentangles every knot (1889 Gilbert O’Sullivan)

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