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To avoid cluttering up your Inbox, BVAA avoids ‘scatter-gun’ and sends emails by ‘interest group’ only – if you’re not on a particular group, you won’t get emails concerning that activity.

We ask members to nominate reps to these groups when they join, and then regularly ask you to review their status.

In March we encouraged members to nominate a Technical Representative to receive our technical bulletins, HotSpots etc. by joining either the ‘Valve WG’ or the ‘Actuator WG’ – especially important in the fast-changing Brexit era.

Numbers have risen since but we’re still shy of complete coverage.

If you’ve not seen a Technical HotSpot or don’t know what that means, it’s likely you’re not on either group and are not represented.

If you’re not sure who’s representing you and on which group, contact the Secretariat and we’ll send you your latest representations list.

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