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Project Summary
The Skua redevelopment will consist of the following key elements: -

· Drilling and completion of 2No. Production wells

· Tie-in of 2No. wells using a new manifold or tie-in to the existing manifold

· Tie-In to existing 10”/16” NPS Pipe in Pipe (ex-Heron) Production flowline and dedicated slug-catcher on ETAP

· Tie-In to existing subsea Wash-water flowline system and shared use of ETAP topside wash-water pumping capability. Wash-water delivery subsea is required at each Skua well, both at the tree and downhole

· Installation of a Gas Lift flowline to ETAP and shared use of ETAP topside Gas Lift system

· Tie-in to shared Seagull subsea control umbilical for hydraulic, electrical and chemical supplies to Skua Redevelopment. Includes shared chemical injection pumps and HPU on ETAP topsides.

A final investment decision on this project is expected to be made in Q4 2020.

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