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TopWorx have 70 years working in the process industry, initially with the Go Switch, the hybrid switch for extreme & hazardous environments. Working in Sub-sea, -60 degrees to over 200 degrees C and nuclear qualified. A switch for many applications, fit and forget technology.

More recently we are known for our switchbox brand, always at the forefront of technology and trends offering solutions for many needs of our users. Our solutions for Valve Monitoring, sensing and Nuclear as part of the Emerson family have worldwide support and certification along with the many other brands and services offered by Emerson.

Offering niche products in High temperature, sub sea, nuclear and special products expanding our offering to near limitless applications.

In the UK you can contact by email, our direct technical support line 01695 713684.

Also contact our product market manager Mike Howells 01695 713682, mobile 07714714657.

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