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Hot on the heels of our own name being used in a scam this week, we’ve been made aware that the good name of Unilver is likewise being used in a bogus fashion.

A member received an enquiry from (bear in mind it is feasible that they may change this address and contact names to throw people off the scent).

In this particular case the scam involved an RFQ for a Greenston Engineering pump MULTI-SV889 SANITARY CENTRIFUGAL PUMP (ORIGINAL).

‘Contacts’ included a Harold Chapman at “Unilever” ( and a Niall FitzGerald at ‘Greenston’ – both appear to be bogus.

Through stringent adherence to due diligence, QA procedures etc, our member identified issues with documentation provided, such as an ‘LRQA ISO 9001:2015 certificate’ which had the wrong typeface and a Business Information sheet omitting the required insurance documents.

Suspicions were raised further by the language used by the contact, and the UK business address appeared to be a residential location. The USA address of the company appeared to be a small outbuilding at the end of a road full of mobile homes. Further digging revealed an apparently Chinese company yet with a Belgian website. Further dialogue with the company revealed an inability to identify the correct sex for their own contact – a call to the Unilever switchboard soon revealed they had no knowledge of the alleged employee.

The moral here is that stringent QA and due diligence should be followed at all times, however challenging the working environment.

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