Webinar: Bite-sized: The Psychology of Influence and Persuasion

Half-day Online Training: Tuesday 1st September 2020

Course Date: Tuesday 1st September 2020
Timings 10.00 – 15.00 – with ‘virtual breaks’
Price: £200 + vat (per person)
BVAA Member Price: £99 + vat (per person)

If you are in business, you are in the business of persuasion. And unless you learn how to influence others, you will fail.

When it comes to persuading people, success can begin before you say a word. It isn't just what you say or how you say it that counts, but also what goes on in the minds of your those you are trying to influence.

In this unique training course, you are offered new insights into the art of winning customers, colleagues and employees over to your way of thinking.

Drawing on the latest research, and packed with fascinating case studies, the Psychology of Member Engagement is a masterclass in enhancing your powers of influence. 

Course Program

  • The Science of Persuasion – an overview
  • How the brain works
  • Apply the Seven Drivers of Human Motivation
    • The Need to Belong
    • Habits
    • The Power of Stories
    • Carrots and Sticks
    • Instincts
    • The Desire for Mastery
    • Tricks of the Mind
  • Trigger Social Pressure
  • Optimise your Messages for maximum impact
  • Encourage them to act

Key Benefits

  • Better understand another’s perspective
  • Be able to make your messages clearer
  • Build better relationships with members
  • Be more influential and persuasive 
  • Learn simple changes that have a big impact


This workshop is suitable for anyone in marketing, sales or customer facing role and those who would like to brush-up on their influencing skills. No prior knowledge is required.

Delivery Method

This half-day training will be delivered as live webinar sessions spread over x4 one-hour sessions per day. These sessions will be delivered via the Zoom meeting software platform with extra resources made available on a separate learning management platform.

Your Online Tutor

All sessions will be run by an experienced Google Academy Tutor (Andrew Lloyd Gordon).

Andrew Lloyd Gordon is a Marketing Psychologist, Consultant, Speaker and Google Academy Trainer. Andrew speaks regularly at conferences and events and is a guest lecturer at several universities and business schools including Cambridge, Warwick, Aston and Lancaster.

Course Material

All delegates receive the slides, workbooks and other supporting material.

BVAA Member Deal Price

Contact laura@bvaa.org.uk to recieve discount code exclusive to BVAA members.

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