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Maceplast (UK) Ltd

Maceplast (UK) Ltd

Location347 Moorside Road, Swinton, Manchester, M27 9HH

Tel No: 0161 793 7628
Parent Company: Guarniflon Spa
Stockists for: Parent Company - Guarniflon
Other offices: Guarniflon Spa Italy - ISO 9001:2008
Accreditations: Cert No FS582399; Cert No FMS582401
Established in 1998 Maceplast UK has enjoyed continuous growth and has attained a leading market position thanks to its Quality Assurance Systems, integrity, and outstanding customer service, achieved only through the commitment of its personnel and extensive resources of the Guarniflon Group. The Guarniflon Group today processes 4700 tons of PTFE materials per year, employs over 500 people and constantly pushing the boundaries of Fluoropolymer technology.

Here at Maceplast UK, substantial stocks of semi-finished PTFE products are available on request in many Virgin and compounded grades thus providing an efficient and continuity of service to its relative industries.

Extuded rod/tube, moulded rod/tube, sheets, tapes, films, linear bearings and machined components (machining 2 million parts per day).

Main Industrial Applications:
Chemical, petrochemical, valves, hydraulic and pneumatic, machine tools, electronics, automotive, pharmaceutical, medical, food, aerospace etc

Please note: We have 5 materials NORSOK M-710 approved
Trade Name Grades: TEKSLIDE
  • Components - Valve Seats
  • Seals - Elastomers
  • Seals - Gaskets
  • Seals - Gland Packings
  • Seals - Metallic
  • Seals - Spring/pressure energised
  • Services - Wear-part Coating/ Deposition
  • Tekslide PTFE Grades