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BVAA accepts logo banner advertising on both our well visited websites ( and, accessed by thousands of flow control professionals every month. The logo banner on our homepage is available to members at fantastic prices:

  • Sponsored logo on & Link-up Newsletter (minimum 6 month contract): £200.00pcm + VAT
  • Sponsored logo on & Link-Up Newsletter (minimum 12 month contract): £180.00pcm + VAT
  • Sponsored logo on & Valveuser e-magazine (minimum 6 month contract): £130.00pcm + VAT
  • Sponsored logo on & Valveuser e-magazine (minimum 12 month contract): £100.00pcm + VAT

Advertise in BVAA Valveuser e-magazine

Valveuser e-magazine is delivered by the British Valve and Actuator Association (BVAA). Valveuser has become the premier and specialist hub for the Valve and Actuation industry. Editorial and advertising is strictly reserved for members of the BVAA only. Advertising is heavily discounted and editorial remains free with membership. Visit our website today:

Valveuser e-magazine 2021 Advertising Rates:

  • Enhanced Article & Valveuser e-magazine (1 month): £120.00 + VAT
  • Headline Article & Valveuser e-magazine (1 month): £490.00 + VAT

Contact the Secretariat for further details on (0)1295 221 270

BVAA AGM Sponsorship

BVAA members can also sponsor the BVAA Annual General Meeting. Various options are available generally on a first-come, first served basis. Contact the Secretariat for further details, Tel: (0)1295 221 270.

Place a job advert

Job adverts on the BVAA website are free for BVAA members.

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Why join BVAA?

For over 80 years, the British Valve & Actuator Association has, on a not-for-profit basis, supported the British Valve industry and its supply chain with exclusive member services. Our members benefit from:

  • Discounted industry leading training
  • Free editorial within Valveuser Magazine
  • Events and Networking with 170+ members and industry‚Äôs customers
  • Technical support and advice from world-renowned experts
  • Free access to Global Valve Market Forecasts
  • Influence Govt. and NGO policy and legislation
  • Receive free expert advice on HR, H&S and legal matters

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