Valve and Actuator Industry Careers

Why choose the valve and actuator industry?

A Life-long Career
Many prominent companies in the British Valve industry are able to trace their roots back as far as the 1800s.  Long-term planning therefore permeates the industry, from design, to strategy, to employment and succession planning.

The valve industry’s steady hand and adaptability has benefited its customer base and end-user industries,many of which have ‘come and gone’ from Britain’s industrial landscape.  We collectively provide thousands of men and women with a well-paid and life-long career. We’re in it for the long haul!

Progression - from Engineering Apprentice to Company Director
BVAA members are a very large provider of engineering and general apprenticeship schemes. Many take on healthy annual ‘in-takes’ of apprentices and trainees, and have well-developed programmes for moving them through the business and ultimately into management positions.

At BVAA we know this to be true, because many of the Directors of our member companies are past apprentices! The valve and actuator industry is an industry where, with the right amount of dedication and know-how, you can move swiftly to the top!

An industry of advanced engineering
The UK valve industry is renowned throughout the world for its quality, high-end engineering. BVAA member companies have been involved in producing products for multi-million dollar developments, which have solved billion dollar problems. As a valve specialist you can become involved at the very heart of such projects, all around the world.

The valve is very often a critical piece of equipment, subject to enormous pressures, temperatures and sometimes even aggressive fluids.  They are often placed as deep as the sea floor, or even in outer space.  Often there is only one chance to get a product right, so a career in valves can be challenging, but extremely rewarding.

An industry with connections to many others
All major industrial sectors use valves. As mentioned above, in the UK we specialise in high-end, highly engineered products. As a valve engineer you can deal with industries such as: Oil and Gas, Chemical and Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Energy and Nuclear Energy, Marine, Automotive, Water and many more. Who knows where your valve expertise could take you?

What should I do next?

Visit the BVAA employment page and search for jobs, or contact one of the companies listed on the right hand side, who provide regular apprentice / trainee schemes.