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Auto Cadd Engineer 5 years of experience in Constructions company.

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Posted: 27th March 2024


I'm a Project & Operation Manager with more than 10 years of experience in managing projects with the most important end users and EPC of the oil industry. I'm a professional with technical skills regarding wellheads, valves, pump an all the other oil and gas equipment. In my work experience I covered roles where I have managed both operations management and business development by leading people and customer's needs. Working for Valmet is a dream for me because I would like to increase my skills and experience I this industry with one of the most important company operating with flow controls systems in the world. My background is in Economy and Business management, I've also an international executive MBA obtained in London in the past 2019. Waiting for your response Best regards, Dr. Alessandro Giacalone - Executive MBA

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Posted: 20th March 2024


Experienced product manager for both valves and pumps. Engineer who then moved towards commercial. Experience managing teams. Bvaa future leader program.completed

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Posted: 15th March 2024

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