Safe, Effective Hydrostatic Testing of Valves

In the UK valve industry, the need to test new product variations or introduce new test equipment regularly arises.

  • Do your test technicians and supervisors have the training to fully appreciate the purpose of the test and the hazards involved?
  • Do they rely solely on past experience to recognise when the equipment or process is inadequate to test safely and effectively?

This course is designed to supplement practical experience with a deeper understanding of good hydrostatic testing practice, enabling test personnel to make more informed decisions surrounding the test process and safe use of the equipment.

Background and Format
Safe, Effective Hydrostatic Testing of Valves is a one-day, classroom-based course and aims to give delegates an appreciation of all aspects of hydrostatic pressure testing. The training will be on-site, at your premises, so we can tailor the content to your specific requirements. It culminates with a competence test to underpin delegates' knowledge.

Who Should Attend?
This course is suitable for all personnel who are involved with conducting hydrostatic shell testing of industrial valves, and the supervision of testing practice.

Course Objectives
To provide an understanding of shell pressure testing related to industrial valves, by the following:

  • Product integrity
  • Safety and the law
  • The key hazards and risk associated with testing and their mitigation
  • The safe use of test equipment, and the effective control of the process of hydrostatic testing

Please note this course is not designed to instruct testers on the detailed operation of company specific test equipment.

Course Content

  • Importance of Pressure Testing
  • Hazards of Pressure Testing and Safe Systems of Work
  • Selection, Storage, and Maintenance of Pressure Equipment
  • Good Practice in Hydrostatic Testing

Competence Assessment
The final part of the course is a Multiple-Choice Questionnaire to enable delegates to display their level of knowledge and understanding of the principles of safe and effective hydrostatic testing.

A BVAA certificate will be issued upon successful completion of the course, which has 3-year lifespan.

Prices start at £2,750.00* +VAT
(*Please note this price is for members only. Non-member price confirmed on application.)

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