Desktop Exhibitions

Solve your Procurement Issues!

Are you a major buyer of valves, actuators and related products?

Do you want to meet a number of industry suppliers in the convenience of your own offices?

Why not let the BVAA arrange a zero-cost, no hassle, Desktop Exhibition - allowing you and your staff to talk with a range of BVAA members and get 'hands on' experience of their products and materials.

What are Desktop Exhibitions?

For many years, the British Valve & Actuator Association (BVAA) has organised desktop exhibitions at customers' premises. They are an efficient way for valve and actuator users and specifiers to find out about the latest product developments and meet potential new suppliers, in the comfort and convenience of their own offices.

As a host, you can invite any number of staff to meet the exhibitors on your own premises, from up-and-coming engineers and graduates to senior procurement experts.


  • Essential updates for Procurement, Engineering 'admin' and trainee staff.
  • Hassle-free - BVAA will manage the whole event for you.
  • Zero cost - BVAA will pass on no costs.
  • Choose from over 180 BVAA Members – you can select the exhibitors, including manufacturers, distributors, repairs and other related products and services.
  • Professional approach - each desk will have samples of products, display material and technically competent staff.
  • Time efficient - usually set during lunch periods for minimum 'downtime'.
  • Procurement Policy – promotes evidence of a fully-open procurement policy.
  • Hands-on - Opportunities for staff to get 'hands on' experience of products they might not otherwise see.
  • Improve Knowledge – of latest technological and mechanical innovations.

Previous Hosts

Ministry of Defence (MOD) Foster Wheeler AMEC Score M W Kellogg Stone and Webster CB&I Snamprogetti British Energy Aker Kvaerner Brown & Root (KBR) Parsons Fluor Harbour Energy BP

If you are a major buyer of valves, actuators and related products, and want to host a ‘zero cost’ Desktop Exhibition, please contact our team today.

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