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YPS Valves Ltd

YPS Valves Ltd

LocationGrangefield Ind Est, Pudsey, W Yorks, LS28 6QW

Tel No: 0113 256 7725
Stockists for: Velan OMB Neway Langley
Other offices: Nanjing, China
Accreditations: PED: ISO & ATEX
YPS Valves Limited is a family owned UK valve manufacturer and stockist, with over 45 years' experience.

From our Leeds plant we manufacture our Langley Brand Gate, Globe (Straight and Y Patterns), Check (Swing, Dual Plate, Axial, Piston and Ball type), Floating Ball valves plus Cryogenic and Bellows Sealed valves.

We are renowned for specialising in all grades of Stainless Steels and Duplex. However the majority of our work is in the nickel based alloys such as Inconel, Hastellloy, Monel, Titanium, Zirconium, plus many more specialised grades.

YPS is a leading stockist of Stainless Steel and Duplex representing some of the world’s leading Gate, Globe and Check, Manufacturers including Velan, OMB and Neway; whilst also holding an extensive range of our own Langley Valves.

Combining our manufacturing and stocking capability allows us to provide an urgent response to clients who have breakdowns, and are requiring valves within days or weeks via our Fast Track Modification Service. Anything from simple parts changes to more sophisticated cryogenic and bellows sealed conversions are available with full design and material traceability.

Finally our Specialist Testing Facility allows us to back up our specialised work with stringent testing i.e. Cryogenic, Emission, High Temperature and Vacuum tests.

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  • Actuator linear - Electric
  • Actuator linear - Electro Hydraulic
  • Actuator linear - Hydraulic
  • Actuator linear - Pneumatic
  • Actuator Rotary - Electric
  • Actuator Rotary - Electro Hydraulic
  • Actuator Rotary - Hydraulic
  • Actuator Rotary - Pneumatic
  • Aftermarket Service - Modification
  • Ball Valves - Floating
  • Ball Valves - Multi-port
  • Ball Valves - Top Entry
  • Ball Valves - Trunnion
  • Check Valves - Axial
  • Check Valves - Diaphragm
  • Check Valves - Lift
  • Check Valves - Nozzle
  • Check Valves - Piston
  • Check Valves - Swing
  • Check Valves - Tilting Disc
  • Check Valves - Wafer
  • Components - Valve Seats
  • Control Valves - Globe
  • Gate Valves - Angle
  • Gate Valves - Conduit
  • Gate Valves - Knife
  • Gate Valves - Oblique
  • Gate Valves - Parallel Slide
  • Gate Valves - Penstock
  • Gate Valves - Wedge
  • Globe Valves - Angle
  • Globe Valves - Double seated
  • Globe Valves - In line
  • Globe Valves - Needle
  • Globe Valves - Oblique
  • Globe Valves - Stop and Check
  • Globe Valves - Three port
  • Services - Oxygen Clean/Degreasing
  • Subsea Products - Check Valves
  • Subsea Products - Gate Valves
  • Langley