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Measure Monitor Control

Measure Monitor Control

LocationUnit 15, Abergorki Industrial Estate, Ynyswen Road, Treorchy, South Wales, CF42 6DL

Tel No: 01443 772500
Parent Company: Red Dragon Ltd
Distributor for: Nadi srl, Sitecna srl, SUTO-iTEC GmbH, ID Insert Deal srl, Boscarol srl, FG-Line srl, Z Tide, U-Flow, Uni Gerate GmbH
Stockists for: Nadi srl, Sitecna srl, SUTO-iTEC GmbH, ID Insert Deal srl, Boscarol srl, FG-Line srl, Z Tide, U-Flow, Uni Gerate GmbH
As technical distributors of valve, control and instrumentation products, Measure Monitor Control understands the urgent technical and commercial issues faced today and here to deliver cost effective, reliable and timely solutions that will save you time and money.

Our experienced engineers can help with your process control problems, analyse the best solutions and offer tailored, independent advice to suit your timescales, budgets and performance needs.

Contact us by phone, email or webchat to experience what a difference Measure Monitor Control can make for your operations.

Measure Monitor Control's product range includes:

Solenoid and air operated valves for all industrial applications including ATEX, EAC-Ex and IECEx

Airsets, volume boosters, lockup valves and flow control valves for valve instrument packages in aggressive and hazardous environments

Pressure regulators from 500bar to 5mbar, ATEX, EAC-Ex and MOCA EC1935/2004 Food Safe

Cryogenic valves for flow control of fluids down to -196°C

Compressed air/gas flow measurement solutions

Compressed air purity measurement and monitoring devices

Compressed air leakage detection and measurement instruments and reporting software

Displays, data logging and analysis software

Solenoid and air operated valves for gas EN161 and fuel applications up to PN40 and 12” line sizes

Gas Safety Systems for academic, commercial, industrial and laboratory applications

Pressure Reducing and Sustaining Valves for all media and up to 20” nominal bore

For more information about Measure Monitor Control, their expertise, service and products, visit
  • Check Valves - Piston
  • Control Valves - Angle
  • Control Valves - Axial
  • Control Valves - Butterfly
  • Control Valves - Choke
  • Control Valves - Diverting/mixing
  • Control Valves - Double Seat
  • Control Valves - Globe
  • Control Valves - Pilot operated
  • Control Valves - Rotary
  • Instruments - Solenoid Valves
  • Regulators - Direct
  • Regulators - Pilot
  • Regulators - Pneumatic Filter Regs
  • Red Dragon Valves