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Acetarc Ltd (Sealand Valves)

Acetarc Ltd (Sealand Valves)

LocationAtley Works, Dalton Lane, Keighley, West Yorkshire, BD21 4HT

Tel No: 01535 610345
Sealand began manufacturing in the 1950s initially supplying valves for the maritime industry. Over the decades the family run business, Sealand Engineering, became synonymous with solving design solutions, where a bespoke valve design and manufacturing service was required, and they supplied a wide range of valves, including wedge gates, globes, swing checks, tilting disc, to companies across the world.

In June 2017, Acetarc Engineering, an ISO 9001:2015 engineering company who manufacture for the foundry industry, acquired Sealand Engineering, this has resulted in significant investment in Sealand, they have relocated to a brand-new purpose-built factory adjacent to Acetarc, in Keighley, West Yorkshire and invested in new staff, machinery and training. As a manufacturing division of Acetarc they have rebranded as Sealand Valves.

Sealand Valves offer a bespoke valve design and manufacturing service, finding solutions when standard and mass-produced valves are not suitable. They have the capacity to manufacture non-standard and large bore wedge gate valves, globes and swing check in cast iron, carbon steel and bronzes as well as the exotic alloys. A typical Sealand valve will generally have one or more ‘special’ features; it might be a non-standard bore face, flange drilling, face to face or an unusual trim or a combination of these. Our capabilities range from one off requirements to small batches and we have delivered individual products up to three tonnes in finished weight. Our products are designed and manufactured to order, meeting the material, dimensions and installation and certification requirements of our clients. At Sealand we can also offer both repair and refurbishment as well as design solutions to obsolete products.

At Sealand Valves we believe we can offer a product that is both competitively priced but will also guarantees the buyer reassurances that their valve has been manufactured using the highest quality of materials and workmanship.
  • Actuator linear - Electric
  • Actuator linear - Electro Hydraulic
  • Actuator linear - Hydraulic
  • Actuator linear - Pneumatic
  • Actuator Rotary - Electric
  • Actuator Rotary - Electro Hydraulic
  • Actuator Rotary - Hydraulic
  • Actuator Rotary - Pneumatic
  • Aftermarket Service - Hot Tapping/ Leak Sealing
  • Aftermarket Service - Modification
  • Block and Manifold Valves - Double Block and Bleed
  • Block and Manifold Valves - Manifold
  • Block and Manifold Valves - Mono-Flange
  • Check Valves - Axial
  • Check Valves - Diaphragm
  • Check Valves - Lift
  • Check Valves - Nozzle
  • Check Valves - Piston
  • Check Valves - Swing
  • Check Valves - Tilting Disc
  • Check Valves - Wafer
  • Components - Handwheels/levers
  • Components - Manifold blocks
  • Components - Valve Seats
  • Control Valves - Double Seat
  • Control Valves - Globe
  • Gate Valves - Angle
  • Gate Valves - Conduit
  • Gate Valves - Knife
  • Gate Valves - Oblique
  • Gate Valves - Parallel Slide
  • Gate Valves - Penstock
  • Gate Valves - Wedge
  • Gearboxes - Manual
  • Gearboxes - Motorised
  • Globe Valves - Angle
  • Globe Valves - Double seated
  • Globe Valves - In line
  • Globe Valves - Needle
  • Globe Valves - Oblique
  • Globe Valves - Stop and Check
  • Globe Valves - Three port
  • Safety Valves - Pilot Operated
  • Safety Valves - Spring Operated
  • Safety Valves - Tank Protection
  • Safety Valves - Thermal Relief
  • Safety Valves - Vacuum Relief
  • Services - Welding/Fabrication
  • Specialist Valves - Float Valves
  • Springs - Spring Return Mechanisms
  • Subsea Products - Check Valves
  • Subsea Products - Gate Valves
  • Subsea Products - Gearboxes
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