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Actuation Lab

Actuation Lab

LocationUnit 3a Princess Street, Bedminster, Bristol, BS3 4AG

Tel No: 0117 244 1847
Actuation Lab is combining innovations in materials, manufacturing, and origami-inspired design to build a new breed of flow control technologies.

Actuation Lab’s first product is the Callimorph® actuator, which takes the nuts and bolts and springs and shafts of the traditional valve actuator and replaces them with a single moving part, built from 100% corrosion-free composite materials.The company is seeking trial partners who operate in challenging or corrosive conditions to demonstrate this technology in 2023, before the product’s commercial launch. Supported by the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, the company’s second product in development is the Dragonfly valve. This electrically actuated origami inspired valve has been designed to have a leak-free, stemless operation and be built from hydrogen compatible materials. The valve is being developed to prevent thousands of tonnes of the potent greenhouse gas from escaping and allow hydrogen suppliers and users to operate in safety.