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Fike Europe BV - UK Office

Fike Europe BV - UK Office

LocationCounty House, 35 Earl Street, Maidstone, Kent, ME14 1PF

Tel No: 01622 677081
Other offices: USA, Canada, EU- Belgium, Germany, France, Spain, Italy & Nordic, Malaysia, UAE, Japan
Accreditations: PED H1, ISO9001:2015, ASME UD, 3A, EAC, CRN, SELO, KOSHA
Fike was incorporated in 1945 and now has a global presence, specialising in process safety systems protecting your process line and bottom line.

Fike provides a comprehensive range of Bursting (Rupture) Discs that are primarily used in parallel with other safety systems as last line of passive defence against any potentially critical overpressures or vacuums which could destroy a process line, or even worse - personnel or factory.

Our G2 premium reverse acting range offers the best operating ratios, burst tolerances, cycle life and back pressure capabilities for many industries, including a bespoke Hygienic range offering unprecedented CIP/SIP abilities for bio-tech, food & pharma processes.

Other forward acting ranges are more suited to ambient to high pressure applications where there isn't a requirement for a minimum free vapour volume.

Custom Engineered products are developed with customers to protect their equipment that cannot otherwise be protected with "standard" devices.

For O&G downhole applications PAD's (Pressure Activated Devices) are sacrificial devices, rather than safety, to assist in well drilling & decommissioning, clearing blockages and the steering of drill strings.

ValveGuard is a Fike concept that can dramatically reduce maintenance procedures and save money. By installing upstream but close coupled to a PRV a bursting disc will safeguard the internals of high value PRV's against corrosive or polymerising media, reduce VOC emissions by providing a leak tight seal and increase a plant's operating potential by allowing in situ testing of valves.

For more information about our range of products please contact 01622 677081 or
  • Safety Products (non reclosing) - Bursting Disc
  • Atlas
  • Axius
  • G2
  • PAD
  • Poly-SD