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Clifford Springs Ltd

Clifford Springs Ltd

LocationUnit 45, Enfield Industrial Estate, Redditch, Worcestershire, B97 6DE

Tel No: 01527 62876
Accreditations: ISO9001:2015 ISO14001:2015
Clifford Springs is a world leader in the manufacture and development of seal energising technologies.

Continuous investment in state of the art equipment enables the production of springs of the highest quality, precision and complexity. In addition, our in-house testing capability ensures we can support our products with batch testing and product data, reducing risk and development time for our customers.

Canted Coil Springs
Canted Coil Springs have the unique characteristic of retaining a near constant load throughout their full working range. In seal energising, this means the force, and therefore friction, remains the same as the spring expands to compensate for lip wear. This gives the seal predictable performance throughout its working life. The springs ability to be laid completely flat and fully recover also make it ideal for non-sealing applications such as latching and connecting.

Peek Springs
Clifford Springs are the industry leaders and inventors of PEEK Spring Technology.

Garter Springs
Used extensively in Radial Oil Seals and Cassette Seals, the Garter Spring is perhaps the most common of all spring types. Supplied in open and closed coil formats, they can be used as either internal or external energiser, adding to the elasticity and compliance of the seal.

Helical Springs
Helical flat tape wound springs are typically designed to provide high sealing forces for U-Cup seals and can be supplied as double springs, or age hardened to provide still more sealing load making them a popular choice for cryogenic sealing applications.

Meander Springs
The V Spring or u Spring or Meander Spring, also referred to as a cantilever spring, is supplied in industry standard 000 - 500 series including weld-free micro springs.

RACO Springs
The RACO Spring is a high load, full contact spring used in specialist harsh service conditions.

Anti Extrusion Springs
Anti-extrusion springs are intended for high-pressure and high temperature applications where there are large extrusion gaps.
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