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Kinetrol LtdKinetrol Ltd

Trading Estate, Farnham, Surrey, GU9 9NU

Tel No: 01252 733838
Fax No: 01252 713042

Formed in 1958 Kinetrol is a private limited company which produces an extensive range of pneumatic and electro-pneumatic rotary actuators and a complete range of control modules. They also produce a range of rotary dampers.

More recently Kinetrol has introduced ranges of electrohydraulic (spring fail-safe electric), stainless steel hygienic actuator enclosures, patented spring to centre actuators and loop powered digital electropneumatics positioners.

Today Kinetrol exports over 70% of its turnover and has distributors in over 30 countries.

Kinetrol’s actuators are used on ball, butterfly and plug valves requiring torque’s up to 19000Nm. The company has mounting kit designs to suit over 2000 different valves and has provided almost every conceivable control arrangement.

Kinetrol has full inspection and test facilities and operates a rigorous quality programme that includes 100% actuator testing before despatch. The companies quality assurance plan has been approved to ISO 9001:2000.


  • Actuator - Electric
  • Actuator - Hydraulic
  • Actuator - Hydraulic or Gas
  • Actuator - Manual/Operators
  • Actuator - Pneumatic
  • AP Positioners
  • EL Positioners
  • Geared Manual Overrides
  • Limit switch units
  • Manual Fail-safe springs
  • Patented Spring to Centre Actuators
  • Stainless Steel Actuator Enclosures


  • Kinetrol Ltd

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