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BEL Valves

BEL Valves

Glasshouse Street, St Peters, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE6 1BS

Tel No: 0191 265 9091
Fax No: 0191 276 3244
Parent Company: British Engines Ltd
Other offices: BEL Valves Brasil
Accreditations: API 6A, API 6D, API 6DSS, API 17D, ISO9001:2008, GOST, PED, Achilles Joint Qualifications System, FPAL, ATEX Ball Valves, ATEX Check Valves, ATEX Gate Valves, ATEX Globe Valves

BEL Valves Ltd are leaders in the design and manufacture of valves, actuators and controls for the Oil and Gas industry, with a focus on high pressure and high integrity applications. Bespoke products meet exacting practices, stringent fugitive emissions criteria and all main industry codes and standards - in bore sizes from ½” to 42”, pressures up to 16,500psi, water depths to 3000 metres and in a range of materials for sweet or sour service - suitable for high pressures and high temperatures.

Configurations include on-off, surface and subsea, through conduit slab and expanding gate, high-integrity ball valves, needle, check, globe and a range of small bore valves. In addition, BEL Valves offers valve solutions for subsea and surface HIPPS (High Integrity Pressure Protection System) applications.

BEL Valves operate an integrated design, production and test facility and have more than 50 years’ experience in valve engineering and manufacturing. Open contracting policies and superior management tools have enabled the delivery of product-engineered solutions (with full 3rd party approvals) for major projects in over 36 countries worldwide.

BEL Valves Ltd, a British Engines group company


  • Actuator - Electric
  • Actuator - Electro-Hydraulic
  • Actuator - Hydraulic
  • Actuator - Hydraulic or Gas
  • Actuator - Manual/Operators
  • Actuator - Pneumatic
  • Ball Valves
  • Ball Valves - Full Bore
  • Ball Valves - Three Piece
  • Ball Valves - Top Entry
  • Ball Valves - Trunnion Mounted
  • Ball Valves - Two Piece
  • Block & Bleed Valves
  • Check Valve - Piston
  • Check Valve - Swing
  • Check Valves
  • DBB Valves
  • Electric Actuators
  • Gate Valve - Conduit
  • Gate Valve - Wedge
  • Gate Valves
  • Globe Valve
  • Manifold Valves
  • Needle Valves
  • Quick Closing Valves
  • Reduced bore ball valves
  • Severe Service Control Valves
  • Sub Sea Valves


  • BEL Valves

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