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Rotork UK

Rotork UK

9 Brown Lane West, Holbeck, Leeds, LS12 6BH

Tel No: 0113 256 7922
Fax No: 0113 256 3556
Parent Company: Rotork Plc
Other offices: Rotork House Brassmill Lane Bath Somerset BA1 3JQ Tel: 01225 733200 Fax: 01225 333467
Accreditations: BSI ISO 9001:2000, OHSAS 18001, ATEX

Rotork is the world's leading manufacturer of electric, pneumatic and hydraulic valve actuators and control systems, valve gearboxes, valve accessories and precision control instruments. For over fifty years, engineers have relied upon Rotork for innovative, dependable solutions to manage the flow of liquids, gases and powders to improve efficiency, assure safety and protect the environment. The company has established dedicated manufacturing facilities and a global network of local offices and agents who can truly provide a worldwide service, enabling Rotork products to be locally sourced and supported by life-of-plant maintenance, repair and upgrade services. The Rotork Group is comprised of four actuation and flow control divisions:
Rotork Controls manufactures electric valve actuators and control systems for the heavy-duty valve market and is the home of the flagship IQ intelligent electric actuator range. The IQ range features legendary innovations including Rotork's unique double-sealed enclosure, ‘non-intrusive' infra-red commissioning, data-logging and predictive maintenance capabilities. More recent innovations include the advanced display, Bluetooth® communications interface and absolute encoder. Within this division, Rotork Process Controls manufactures electric actuators for continuous modulating control, including the innovative CVA and CMA ranges.
Rotork Fluid Systems specialises in the production of pneumatic and hydraulic actuators and control systems. Rotork Fluid Systems’ product offering encompasses P, GP, CP, RC200 / RCI200 and R ranges of scotch-yoke and rack-and-pinion pneumatic actuators, H, GH and RH hydraulic actuators, the GO range of gas-over-oil actuators, the HPG range of high-pressure direct gas actuators and the Skilmatic range of electro-hydraulic failsafe actuators.
Rotork Gears delivers innovative solutions to individual valve gearbox and valve accessory requirements, drawing on an unrivalled range of quality products. Rotork Gears’ valve accessories capabilities include mounting kits, spools, pedestals, extension spindles, switchboxes, positioners, handwheels and chainwheels, offered with comprehensive packaging, assembly and test services.
Rotork Instruments manufactures products used in the pressure and flow control markets, offering high performance and precision for all its products, which include market leading regulators, boosters, relays and transducers.

Main markets served by the Rotork Group:
Oil & gas
Rotork products are used on applications throughout virtually all upstream and downstream activities ranging from offshore production facilities through refining and processing to transportation of finished products via pipelines or vessels.
Power generation
As well as traditional power stations, applications for Rotork products are found on renewable energy generation such as solar thermal plants and on CO2 emissions reduction processes such as flue gas desulphurisation, carbon capture and storage.
Water & sewage
Water treatment and distribution are major markets for Rotork. With climate change affecting the availability of water in many areas of the world, there is an increasing need for processes which will maximise existing resources such as desalination plants and water re-use projects.
Rotork specialises in producing actuators and related equipment for every part of the ship building industry and understands the challenges faced. Rotork valve actuators are widely recognised as being the most technically advanced, reliable, long life, watertight and user-friendly in the business.
Rotork manufactures actuators and flow control products for surface and some underground processing applications for the mining industry. As the world's largest independent manufacturer of heavy duty valve actuators, Rotork products control thousands of valves and dampers in mining operations across the globe.


  • Actuator - Electric
  • Actuator - Electro-Hydraulic
  • Actuator - Hydraulic
  • Actuator - Hydraulic or Gas
  • Actuator - Manual/Operators
  • Actuator - Pneumatic
  • Actuators
  • Control Panels
  • Control Systems
  • Electric Actuators
  • Extensions
  • Fieldbus Valves
  • Handwheels
  • Hydraulic Power Units
  • Linear Actuators
  • Manual & Automated Valve gearboxes
  • Manual & Automated valve gearboxes code 141
  • Manual override gearboxes
  • Medical Gas Control Equipment - High Pressure
  • Motorisable actuator gearboxes
  • Motorisable actuator gearboxes code 138
  • Multi turn Pneumatic actuators
  • Pakscan- 2wire control system
  • Positioners
  • Positioners "Smart"
  • Pressure Regulators
  • Spring return mechanisms
  • Stem extensions & Pedestals
  • Sub Sea Operators & Gearboxes
  • Subsea Gearboxes
  • Switchboxes
  • Valve accessories
  • Valve Management Services
  • Valve Service and Repairs


  • Bifold
  • Centork
  • CMA
  • CP, GP, GH, GO, HPG, RC, HPG
  • CVA
  • Fairchild
  • GT
  • Hiller
  • IQ3
  • IQT
  • Jordan Controls
  • K-Tork
  • M&M
  • Masso
  • Mastergear
  • NA, NE
  • Omag
  • Pakscan
  • Remote Control
  • Roto Hammer
  • Rotork Controls Plc
  • Rotork Fluid Systems
  • Rotork Gears
  • Rotork Instruments
  • Rotork Midland
  • Rotork Site Services
  • Schabaver
  • Schischek Ltd
  • Skilmatic
  • Soldo
  • SVM
  • Type K
  • Xylem
  • YTC

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