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Brexit Business Readiness

Agreements reached between the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the European Union

From January 1 2021 Trade rules change

BVAA members need to adhere to the new trade rules which came into force on 1 January 2021.

The changes will impact many areas from import tariffs and custom declarations, through to immigration rules and travelling for business.

You should find all the answers at GOV.UK/transition.

Step-by-step guides to importing and exporting
SME Toolkit

UK Gov Marking Guides:
N.B. Not all Govt. guidance listed on this website has yet been updated to reflect the pushed-back UKCA implementation date.
Using the UKCA Marking
UKCA Step By Step Guide
UKNI Step By Step Guide

Market Surveillance & Compliance Directive 2019/1020
EU Regulation on Market Surveillance and Compliance of Products (2019/1020)
Market Surveillance and Compliance Directive
Article 4 Guide MSC

Flow Charts on How to Import and Export Goods:

On Demand Videos

The Government has issued a series of on demand videos to help businesses familiarise themselves with the new rules and the actions that they should take.  Eighteen topics are covered, including importing and exporting, Rules of Origin, trade, data, and audit and accounting. You will need to Register to access the video content.

BVAA Guidelines

Guidance on Placing CE Marked PED Stock on the GB Market
BVAA Brexit Guidelines
BVAA Brexit ATEX Guidelines
Market Surveillance Directive 2019/1020
Guidance on Material Suppliers PED & UKCA Marking
PCN NDT Certification Gains PED Accreditation
PCN certification meets requirements of EU Pressure Equipment Directive (PED)
Post Brexit Summary of Required Economic Operators by Route to Market under PED / PER

OPSS Product Safety Guides ATEX, Electrical, Machinery, Pressure Equipment, etc.

The Office for Product Safety and Standards. Tel: 0121 345 1201 Opening hours: Monday-Friday 8.00-18.00

Electrical Equipment:
Pressure Equipment:
Simple Pressure Vessels:

Tariffs Guidance

Rules of Origin (RoO) in the UK-EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement FAQs
Valve-specific rules of origin examples and answers
Valve-specific rules of origin slides
Rules of Origin - Questions asked at the Business Transition Forum - 21 January 2021

  • To give feedback on Tariffs see page, this invites stakeholders to provide feedback back to a dedicated email –
  • What is the tariff on [X] from [Y] country?”  See:
    (N.B. After ‘Start now’ you can Search for ‘Valve’ in the search box at the top of the page – select ‘valves for boilers, pipes, tanks etc’ option - and it takes you straight to the 8481 series of Valve Commodity Codes (to find the proposed tariff). Our industrial valve products however typically start with 8481 and you can quickly scroll to these after getting to the Valves section. Be sure to click the arrows to go through sub-headings. If you don’t end up with a ‘Third country duty of 2%’ you’ve probably not clicked through all the arrow options)
  • “I need help classifying my goods” See:

Or for further info, email:

For anything further, email:

UK Market Conformity Assessment Bodies

Services provision in the EU
This is a topic still currently subject to negotiation in a proposed FTA with the EU, but there are likely to be some changes regardless.

Status of PCN NDT Certification Scheme (BINDT) Following Brexit

Intellectual Property

Electronics & Machinery Checklist

Northern Ireland:

UK Trader Scheme – Moving Goods GB & NI

Borders & Trading
Rules of Origin guidance document:
International Fund for SMEs – Now Open
BOM The Border Operating Model:
HMRC National Clearance Hub supports border movements. This will continue to operate 24/7 through the Christmas and New Year period. Contact details are: 0300 322 7900. More info here.
HMRC Customs & International Trade Helpline. Customs declarations, Simplified customs procedures, duties and tariffs. They have scaled up capacity to handle the vast majority of operational queries. The helpline operates via 0300 322 9434 and has webchat capability via here.
HMRC Borders support for businesses that have questions around a specific consignment that is already live in transit. These queries may be more time sensitive and the borders operational teams will focus on ensuring those goods progress through clearance smoothly. The email address is
Appointing a customs intermediary
Arranging customs procedures
Simplified Declarations
Authorised Economic Operator Status
Zero-rated VAT goods
Accessing HMRC Systems

Common Transit Convention, Customs Comprehensive Guarantee or become a consignor
Common Transit Convention
Customs Comprehensive Guarantee
Authorised Consignor
Potential Duties and Customs Procedures
Duties and customs procedures
National Export System (NES)
Purchasing the right software
Accessing and Using HMRC Systems

Rules of Origin
Controlled / Dual-use Goods
Prior informed consent 

Personal Data


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