BVAA Safety Valves Manual - Part of the Valve and Actuator Users’ Manual Series

Published in 2023, the Safety Valves Manual is a brand-independent technical publication, published by the BVAA and introduces all aspects of Safety Valves.

It can take many years to gain the necessary understanding of the processes associated with their effective specification, use and maintenance, and the aim of this manual is to accelerate that process by introducing all the major aspects involved in the world of Safety Valves.

Who should buy this Manual?

Service and maintenance organisations, component suppliers and valve specifiers will find it to be an essential reference manual.

The breadth of information is valuable to anyone regularly working with Safety Valves to supplement their understanding of this family of vital safety products.

It will help end users understand the importance of providing the necessary information to a valve supplier, ensuring the correct valve selection for the application is made.

What's in the BVAA Safety Valves Manual?

A safety device that is operated by the system pressure alone, needs all the correct pieces to be in place within the complex process of specification, selection, installation, and maintenance if it is to operate correctly when called upon.

This manual introduces the entire process and contains a wide range of information that would normally only be found in design codes, standards, manufacturers' selection data and operation and maintenance manuals.

Combining this material into a single document makes it a useful source of information and reference material to anyone working with Safety Valves.

Some of the areas covered include: Safety Valve Types, Terminology, Correct Sizing, Correct Installation and Testing Practices.

How can I purchase copies?

The Safety Valves Manual is priced at £20.00 each (plus postage & packaging). Payment for orders of 1-9 copies should be made by card, but if you would like to purchase 10+ copies, we can offer you a 10% discount. Orders can be taken by email or by calling 01295  221 270.

BVAA Safety Valves Training Courses (CPD Certified)

This 1-day course is a comprehensive introduction to safety valves. The course explains why there is a need for safety valves and the associated regulatory requirements, how safety valves function and how to size and select the correct valve for given duties and specifications.

It is designed for engineers who use/select and for Technicians who install/service these safety devices. Managers with responsibility for plant and equipment would find an appreciation of the subject and the issues involved useful.

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Printed copies of the BVAA Safety Valves Manual are priced at £20.00 each (plus postage & packaging), and available to purchase by emailing